I love reading Historical Romances
and now I'm writing one.

     The description of how the morning sun's rays breaks through the silent trees, rows of leather tomes lining the shelves in a Victorian library, and the iridescent rainbow of evening gowns as they twirl across a ballroom have always stirred my imagination. 

     I love reading historical romances where the hero turns out to be Lord of the castle in tight breeches, waistcoat and pressed ascot. Who doesn't like a strapping Scotsman in a colorful kilt standing in a field of Heather, a broadsword strapped to his side. And my favorite is a pirate in tall boots, his shirt open and the ocean breeze blowing through his long, thick hair. 

     I was hooked on historical romances after reading my first Johanna Lindsay novel. So, now that I have written a few novels and a couple of short stories, I'm going to try my hand at writing a historical novel.  

     The working title is, Faceless Angel. It takes place in the highlands of Scotland in the year 1690. Laird Cameron MacCormac lost his true love and his child during childbirth, causing his heart turned to stone. Laird Boyd offers his youngest daughter in exchange for Laird MacCormac's alliance and protection. When Laird MacCormac is seriously injured and is expected to die, his prospective wife is sent for. 

     Fearing for her younger sister's well being and without her father's knowledge, Adriana takes her sister's place.  When Laird MacCormac recovers, Adriana fears that he will discover that he is now married to her and not the beauty he was promised. 

     She hides amongst the household staff, going to him at night in hopes of becoming pregnant. If she gets pregnant with his heir before he learns the truth, he might let her live and be a nursemaid to her child. But best laid plans have a way of making up their own minds and after several months, Adriana fears now that Laird MacCormac is healed, he will discover her lies, so she plans to flee the castle. However, she is captured by her husband's ememies. Yes, there is always a bad guy lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce on the damsel in distress.  

     Now I can't tell you the ending that would be a spoiler alert. However, I can tell you that I hope to have this book finished before the end of the year.